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Since 2011, Lerner has off-roaded through some of the most remote, unforgiving, and arrestingly beautiful locations in the world. The experiences have brought her perspective, fulfillment, and happiness.

Her message to others is one of empowerment. As someone who struggled adapting to her role as a stay at home mom after working in the fast-paced, demanding world of Wall Street, Lerner encourages women to not be content with good enough. Facing the fear of failure and taking a step outside her daily comfort zone was a challenge she was happy to face. 

"When everything is going ok in your life, taking a chance at something new and different can seem overwhelming, but that's when I've experienced the most growth. I think everyday all of us fight in some way to keep afloat and not drown in our daily routine."

"Adventure, no matter how big or small and new experiences enrich every part of our lives. Whether it is the cooking class around the corner or a race in the wild terrain of Northern Africa, the important thing is to keep pushing yourself to new places. Adventure knows no boundaries. "